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I is for Ice cream, Inchworm, Inches, Ice, Insects and more!!!


Creating Ice Cream Cones

It is "I" week @ LSU
and we are creating Ice Cream Cones

(CONE 4.5x6 brown; ICE CREAM 4.5x6 any color)

We folded our 6x4.5 brown paper in half horizontally.
Then we cut diagonally to create our cone.

We folded our 4.5x6 colored paper vertically and cut off one of one corner.
The we gave the edges of the corner a baby haircut.
While we cut se sing, 
"Give it a baby haircut, give it a baby hair cut,
give it a baby haircut to make an Ice Cream!" 
 Then we took the bottom of the paper and tore down toward the folded center.
 We then glued our cone onto our background.

Then we glued our Ice Cream 'on top' of our cone.

 We added glue to our Ice Cream...
 So that our sugar (glitter) would stick.
 And here is our masterpiece!  


Exploring Ice

It is "I" week @ LSU 
and we are Exploring Ice!
We froze water in Tuperware containers overnight.
We touched the ice and talked about how it felt,
"cold, smooth, hard, slippery, wet, etc..." 
 Then we added salt to our Ice and watched how it began to change form.
We noticed, "holes, cracks, grooves, lines, scratches, etc..."
We added food coloring to the top and watched it dribble
down the cracks and lines of the broken ice.
We then held the ice under running water
and watched it change shape even more. 
The water created larger holes and cracks.
We continued to play with it as it melted in our hands. 
We had so much fun exploring Ice today!!

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I is for Ice Cream

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