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Back-to-School Info

Hi LSU Families! We are so excited to send you our very first email for our 2015-16 school year! Our First Day of School is only 2 weeks away! We are planning a very exciting and fun-filled year of learning! Feel free to take a peek at our schedule with our YEAR AT A GLANCE and HOLIDAY/IMPORTANT DATES. We can’t wait to see all of you in 2 weeks! :-) IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: WED 8/19 NO SCHOOL: Labor Day – MON 9/7 BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT*: TBD BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT* Our annual Back-to-School Night is for parents only. :-) You will be able to meet our teachers, tour the classroom (featuring new student projects), see what we have added to our classroom and ask any questions you may have. We can't wait to meet with all of our parents soon! BACK-TO-SCHOOL FUN Love Notes: Please Send in a Love Note, addressed to your child, on their first day of school. We will read them throughout their first day/week of school! Sweet Dream Confetti: Sprinkle some sweet dream confetti under your pillow the night before preschool, for some exciting and fun-filled dreams! CLASS CONFIRMATION If you have any questions, as to which class you are registered in, please email us so we can confirm. Thank you! UPDATED INFORMATION OR IMMUNIZATION If you have any updated information or have received an updated immunization record, please bring in a copy to update your file. Enjoy your last weeks of Summer and we can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks! Happy Learning! :) Ms Kristin and Ms Cristina

Great rules to live by...


The Imagination Tree... RSVP to Get Kids to Listen Without Nagging


Nothing In My Bag...

Nothing in My Bag Today
Today I did math and science, 
I toasted bread,

I halved and quartered, counted, measured, used my eyes, and ears & head.

I added and subtracted on the way
and used a magnet, blocks, and memory tray,
I learned about a rainbow and how to weigh.

So please don't say, “Anything in your bag today?”
You see I'm sharing as I play.

I learned to listen and speak clearly when I talk,
to wait my turn and when inside to walk.

I learned to put my thoughts into a phrase,
to guide a crayon through a maze. 

I learned to find my name and write it down,
to do it with a smile and not a frown.

To put my painting brush away,
so please don't say, “What? Nothing in your bag today?”

I've learned about a snail and worm,
I remembered how to take my turn.

I helped a friend when he was stuck,
learned that water rolls off a duck.

I looked at words from left to right.
And agreed to differ not to fight.

So please don't say,

Back to School Parent Info 2012

Lil Scholars is going green and all info will be posted to our website, our Blogspot and Facebook.

WECOME!!!  We are SO EXCITED that you are here with us today!!  On the table we have:
·      Child’s Back Pack (Special Surprise inside)
·      Child’s Name Tag
·      Photo/Video Release Form (please sign and return today)
·      Class Directory Form (please sign and return today)
·      Pre-K only - Parent Volunteer Form (please fill out and return today)

Teacher Intro
·      Preschool: Ms Kristin & Ms Cristina
·      Pre-K; Ms Kristin & Ms Jenny/Ms Cristina every other Friday
·      Sub: Ms Zabrina, Ms Jen

Apple TV
·      We are SO excited to announce our new Apple TV.  With this amazing tool we may now enhance our education with new apps such as HWT, audio storybooks, songs, etc. 

Open Communication
·      Key to a child’s successful year
·      Always feel able and welcome to email us at any time
·      If you have a question most likely another parent does to so please don’t be afraid to ask

Drop off Routine
·      Come in take shoes off place in basket
·      Change out overnight book
·      Hang Bag (change of clothes if needed, NO TOYS except sharing days related to theme)
·      Children sign in/find name at table & place on wall chart/Pre-K same & sign name in book
·      Meet teachers at tables/carpet with activities

Pick up
·      Teachers will open door when the day is over
·      Please always be on time for pick up/Lunch bunch is available for $2.50 per day
·      Open Door Policy at all times but pleases remember it can be a distraction

·      Standard Rules are in your Handbook
·      Classroom Rules will be created with kids on first day and posted to website

·      LSU’s Letter of the Week - Weekly Thematic Units
o  Books created through out the year taken home in May
·      Handwriting Without Tears/link to site will be posted/apps to come

·      Follow the rescue school district posted on our site
·      Field trips and special visitors
o  Sept. Firefighter Visit
o  Sept./Oct. Police Visit
o  Oct. Pumpkin Patch
o  Dec. Gingerbread House Decorating
o  Jan. Dentist
o  March Pizza
o  May Zoo
o  May Mother’s Day Surprise
o  May Kindergarten Buddy Tour

·      Celebrated through out the year with Summer ½ birthdays
·      Please no treats/Donation book/Party Favors
·      Special helper for the day
·      Parents welcome last 15 min for celebration

·      Will be held for Pre-K in Nov and April with assessments
·      For the 3’s will held when needed
·      Remember no news is good news

·      Pre-K have homework bags that will go home Wed due back Friday

Speed limit and Parking
·      Pleases remember we are in a residential neighborhood
·      Speed limit 25 or always below
·      Pleases park along right side of court only, DO NOT block driveways other than mine/may use our driveway and nose in at round of court

·      Will be open to current families in Nov.

·      Healthy well balanced snacks will be provided
·      Donations of fresh fruits and veggies always welcome
·      Water always accessible, please no water bottles

·      Kleenex, hand sanitizer, paper towel rolls, printer paper, etc. always needed.
·      We will post as we need items per class due to upcoming projects.

·      Always due the first of the month
·      Late fees will be applied


Thank you for entrusting us with your gems and we look forward to our best year yet!

Curriculum Schedule 2012-13

Lil’ Scholars University Curriculum Schedule 2012-2013

August 20-24 - The Kissing Hand
August 27-31 - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
September 3-7 - All About Me/Intro to the Alphabet  
September 10-14 - Ll/Lemons, Ladybugs
September 17-21 - Ff/Fire Safety, Fire Fighter Visit
September 24-28 - Ee/Envelope, Eggs
October 1-5 - Tt/Transportation (Trucks, Trains, Tractors, Traffic Light)
October 8-12 - Ii/Insects, Inchworm
October 15-19 - Cc/Colors, Crayons, Cookies   
October 22-26 - Hh/Halloween, Haunted House 
October 29-November 2 - No Letter/Halloween                         
November 5-9 - Oo/Owls
November 12-16 - No Letter/Stone Soup
November 19-23 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
November 26-30 - Qq/Queen, Quilt
December 3-7 - Gg/Gingerbread Man, Gold, Glitter
December 10-14 - Ss/Snow, Snowmen
December 17-21 - No Letter/Christmas
December 24-January 6 - Christmas Break
January 7-11 - Jj/Junk, Jump
January 14-18 - Xx/X-ray, Dental Health
January 21-25 - Aa/Animals, Ants, Alligators
January 28-February 1 - Uu/Umbrella, Under (Ground Hog Day)
February 4-8 - Ww/Winter, Watercolor
February 11-15 - Vv/Valentines, Violet
February 18-22 - Dd/Dinosaurs, Donuts  
February 25-March 1 - No Letter/Doctor Seuss Birthday
March 4-8 - Pp/Pizza, Parties
March 11-15 - Rr/Rainbow, Saint Patrick’s Day
March 18-22 - Bb/Bears, Birthdays
March 25-April 1 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Break                   
April 8-12 - Nn/Nest, Numbers
April 15-19 - Mm/Mouse Paint, Marbles, Mixing
April 22-26 - Yy/Yellow, Yo-yos
April 29-May 3 - Kk/Kites
May 7-11 - Zz/Zoo, Zebra
May 14-18 - No Letter/Graduation Week

Important Events*

August 20 – First Day of School
September 3 – No School (Labor Day)
October 30, 31 – Halloween Party
November 12 – No School (Veteran’s Day)
November 15, 16 – Stone Soup Party
November 19 – 23 – Thanksgiving Break
December 19, 20 – Christmas Party
December 21 – January 6 – Christmas Break
January 21 – No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
February 13, 14 – Valentine’s Party
February 15 – No School Lincoln’s Birthday)
February 18 – No School (President’s Day)
March 14, 15 – Saint Patrick’s Party
March 21, 22 – Easter Party
March 25 – April 1 – Spring Break
May 3, 4 – Cinco de Mayo Party
May 10, 11 – Mother’s Day Celebration
May 16, 17 – Graduation, Promotion
May 18 – Last Day of School 

Teacher Tom: Hitting


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Thank you kids for such a great 1st day!

Hi to all of our Lil' Scholars!  We want to thank you for such a great 1st day of school!   We had so much fun: 
  • Exploring Both Classrooms and the Outside Playground
  • Singing New Name Songs (and other great songs)
  • Music and Movement (Slippery Fish, Oh, I Want to be a Dog, I Am a Pizza, Each of us is a Flower)
  • Potty Breaks and Learning How to Wash Hands Well
  • Reading our Love Notes (and sending sweet messages back – these will be sent home on Tuesday) 
  • Exploring Sensory Boxes (Fishing for Letters / Building with Small Foam Blocks and Letters)
  • Eating Snack (Graham Crackers, Apples and Water)
  • Reading The Kissing Hand (and other great stories) 
  • Building a Chester Puppet (from The Kissing Hand)
  • Having Loads of Fun! :)

Thank you to all of the parents/caregivers for helping make today a great success!  Letting go is one of the hardest things, we as parents/caregivers, need to do sometimes!  Please know that they re in great hands here and we thank you for sharing your most precious gems with us!  Those quick goodbyes sure lead to many dry eyes. :) 

Next week we will be learning all about letters with our favorite book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 

Have a wonderful weekend and we can't wait to see you again on Tuesday!

Happy Learning!
Your Teachers,
Ms Kristin and Ms Jenny


Back to School Love Notes

Our families had so much fun with this!  We asked our parents to write their child a Love Note while at our Meet and Greet.  The notes were saved and read to the children on their 1st day of school.  Then they were asked, "Now what do you want to say?"  We used anecdotes to relay their messages.  We then added a personal message to the parents telling them how their child's first day went.  This is such a great activity for the child and the parent!  Hope you enjoy it too!
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